Beauty time with Mr. Ole Henriksen

My brother from Denmark was due to arrive to Hong Kong tonight. I was thrilled with anticipation to see him as we don’t get to see each other on a regular basis, and when the clock at work striked 6 o’clock, i rushed right outta the building in no time. However, my excitement went slightly up a notch when i got home and found out that he had bought me a birthday gift!!! Actually, let me rephrase that, it was his wife who chose the gift, lol.

Anyway, it don’t matter because they got me some fabulous skin products from the Danish skin care brand, Ole Henriksen!!!! I’ve heard about him a few years back and people say that his products are quite good, and at a hefty price too. I can already feel my body itching to try the Loofah Body Scrub that has jojoba beads to give my skin that revived look.  I just can’t wait to try these products and see if they really live up to what people say!!! They also got me the latest Gucci Guilty perfume and it’s got quite a lovely lady like smell to it. Of course, my fav perfume will always be CHLOE!!! J’adore Chloe.


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  1. I use only natural skin care products (tee trea, lemon juice and honey) and I see some very good results in the last couple of months.

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