A visit to my home town – Wonderful Copenhagen:)

The continuation of my Europe trip exploration is finally back!!!  The next stop was to my home town, Copenhagen, Denmark. It’s been 3 years since the last time i went back, and it was super thrilling to be able to share my precious childhood memories with my boyfriend.

The minute we arrived to the city and put our lugguages down, we were welcomed by a yummilicious home made BBQ meal prepared by my sister in law’s brother. There were ribs, sausages, chicken skewers, , shrimps, and alot of Danish Tuborg beer to dive into!!! It was a satisfying start to a great night with all that food, booze, and wine, hehe.

As expected, i had to show my wonderfuly boyfriend the usual tourist attractions, and i gotta say,  it was actually quite enjoyable since i don’t normally do this when i go home for family visits.I especially enjoy walking along the famous long pedestrian street, Strøget. Whether you’re in for some high end or cheap shopping, or getting fresh fruit produces, to listening to live music bands on the streets, and chilling at a cafe while enjoying their local Danish pastries, wienerbrød, the list of things to do is endless.  Oh, and I really like checking out this kitchenware shop called Bodum and they’ve got it across the globe, so that means getting my hands on their stuff in Hong Kong is easy peasy,hehe.

 As with all my trips back to good old Denmark, i never leave without trying my childhood favorite Vanilla soft Ice (Ice Cream), and they are absolutely the best soft ice cream in the world!!! Mind you, if you do go to Denmark and try their Soft Ice, please do remember to add that chocolate topping called “Drys”! It’s just simply heaven when you mixed it with the vanilla Soft Ice, hehe.



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4 responses to “A visit to my home town – Wonderful Copenhagen:)

  1. Omg, I didn’t know something like soft ice existed. You are so lucky to have had a childhood in such an awesome place, I definitely want to go some day!

    • CinZilicious

      Yeah, you should definitely try the soft ice in DK if u ever get the chance:) They’ve got chocolate and strawberry soft ice too but vanilla is the best!

  2. Clare

    This is such an amazing and beautiful post. I love the yummy ice cream photo

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