Next stop – sunny Dublin!

The weather was all bright and shiny in the early morning of arriving to Dublin, Ireland. I couldn’t have asked for more as the weather forecast, which i last checked, was a promise of rain and thunder. We only had one day of rain so it wasn’t too shabby. As we only had 4 days in Dublin with half a day almost taken up, we headed straight off to do the touristy stuff, hehe. This time BF did all the hard work of showing me around and all i did was relax and enjoy my time:)

BF was being super secretive about where we were going and that got me extra excited. Whilst he drove  us to the so called “secret” location, i was in total awe by the beauty of the nature that was infront of me. I’ve never seen anything this pure, green, and mind calming. This was the view i saw while we were on the high way. Breath taking, isn’t it?

Finally we arrived to our destination at Powerscourt House & Gardens, which is a beautiful country estate located in Wicklow, Ireland. The estate is surrounded by numerous beautiful gardens and historical castles, and it almost felt like i entered a fairytale in the Medieval period. Does that sound romantic or what? lol. 

A visits to the local city center and shopping district was a must do on my list. With the given time we had on our hands, i actually think we covered quite a fair bit. We went to one of the main shopping districts, Grafton Street, which consisted of local shops, cafes, boutiques, shopping malls, and etc. If you’re looking for your designer goodies then head to the department store Brown Thomas or you can pay a visit to the Saint Stephens Green shopping mall, which was one of the first largest malls in Dublin. To be honest, there isn’t much to see there if you’re looking for stylish and fashionable items, but i still think it deserves to have it’s photo taken due to the historical value, hehe. BF also took me to his local shopping mall, Dumdrum, which is a great place to go shop if you can’t be asked to drive into the city and get stuck in traffic. It’s got most of the big names like Urban Outfitters, Karen Millen, Sisley, Harvey Nichols, House of Fraser, H&M, and etc. I saw this Harvey Nichols display in the mall and i just had to take a photo of it. It was a dinosaur made up entirely of hangers, pretty cool eh? They were probably Harvey Nichols hangers too, lol.

Dundrum Town Centre

Grafton Street

If you want an easy way of seeing the city with restricted time, then i would recommend going on the Dublin sight seeing tour buses as it’s cost effective, efficient, and convenient. Our ticket was a 2 day pass so that was excellent! I’ve only posted a few sight seeing photos as the rest were not blog post worthy or jutst down right blurry. We saw many sceneries and i can’t even recall what was what, lol. The basic stuff was covered such as the Saint Patricks Cathedral, Trinity College, Dublin Castle, Guinness Powerhouse, Phoenix Park, which is one of the largest parks in Europe, and etc.  I think the tour guide said the Phoenix park was seven times the size of Central Park in New York. I thought that was quite an impressive fact.

Saint Patrick’s Cathedral

Trinity College

Later on that night, BF said we had to go out for a posh dinner outing to meet one of his best mate and his wife. We went to Café en Seine and it was a cosy and chic looking place. Unfortunately, we only stayed there briefly for pre dinner drinks and headed straight to the restaurant Fire, as we had made reservations already. BF used to work in the hotel industry and he said it was a recommended restaurant to try and so we did. The food was okay and the dessert cocktails were totally orgasmically divine, lol. I cant remember exactly what mine was called but it had toffee and caramel in it, my uttermost fave dessert flavors in this universe!  The night ended with a fair bit too much cocktails but i had a great time and met some wonderful people.

And i shall continue my Irish explorations with you all nex time.  Have a great weekend peeps!

Oh and yes, it’s BF’s birthday today and so i want to wish you  a super duper HAPPY BIRTHDAY SKAT!!! I really wish i was there for your special day but i’m sure you’ll have a great one. I can’t wait to see you in Nov:)


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