The finale of my Europe vacay!

The next day was filled with more sight seeing where we narrowed it down to the Dublin Castle and the Guinness Powerhouse, which can also take up half a day, i tell ya! The Guinness Powerhouse took forever to finish as it was massive!!! I tried their free Guinness beer and i gotta say, i didn’t like it,lol. I prefer my Danish Garlsberg beer or more like cocktails, hehe.

It started drizzling after we were done with the two main attractions, and that’s when i decided that it was time to pack in some food in my tum tum!!! We headed to Temple Bar, which consists of streets lined up with numerous shops, cafes, bars, and restaurant. BF took me to a famous Irish pub/restaurant called Gallagher’s Boxty House, which is a recommended place to try. I had some traditional Irish beef stew with potatoes, carrots and this thing called Soda bread, which i’ve never heard of but it was yummers. It’s even nicer when you dip the soft and warm soda bread into the stew!!!  I didn’t even finish half of the stew but i did have starters after all, or am i still considered a light eater? lol

BF was real sweet and had gotten us tickets to watch the local Irish dance show, River Dance, at the Gaiety Theater. I didn’t think too much about it as i went in since i’ve never heard about it and boy, was i wrong! The dancers did an absolutely fabulous performance and got my eyes glued to the stage every minute. Their movements were so defined and firm and the dance itself was just a beauty. In fact, i surprisingly enjoyed it much more than the musical “Chicago” that i saw in London this time. Then again, i suppose they are two completely different things? 

It was a calm and romantic way to end our final night and as we walked the streets into the dark and rainy city of Dublin, i could feel a sense of sadeness emerge upon me. Yup, I did not want to leave Dublin yet. Of course, i had to leave next day and we managed to catch dim sum with BF’s family before heading off to the airport. It was back to London again for 2 days before flying back to Hong Kong, and that marked the end of my Euro trip!!! 

I’ll be back to my regular posting  soon and rest my travel/vacay posts for awhile. And before ending this post, i thought, why not share with you all on the goodies i bought on my trip!!! 

I’ve heard alot about the London brand Jo Malone lately and so i ventured into its shop in London to get my own very special treat.  I got the Jo Malone – Nectarine Blossom & Honey perfume, which has a very summery and sweet scent, and it’s best seller Vitamin E Gel. I also discovered this shop in Dublin called AVOCA, which sells soaps that has super beautiful packagings. They have all sorts of fragrances to choose from, where they smell really girlie and refreshing! My favorite is the Tropical Dream Soap. Lastly, i managed to last min snatch some skin products from Cath Kidston, which is so popular in Hong Kong right now, especially with their floral bags. I have to say, the Rose shower gel isn’t that great and has a weird kind of rose smell to it, lol. I have yet to try its other products, hehe.



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2 responses to “The finale of my Europe vacay!

  1. Clare

    Love these photo series. It looks like you had a splendid time, lady~

  2. Shirley

    I bet u will be smelling good for a while with all this new soap and perfume

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