Bal Masque

It is almost that creepy time of the year again and yes, I’m talking about Halloween!!!! Have you guys already started picking your costume outfits yet?? Or decorated your cozy home with carved pumpkins, skeletons, spider webs, and candies, ready for trick or treat? I’m a big time procrastinator and that means I have not done any of that yet, lol.

Having that said, I did have a great idea for Halloween after I saw these creepily sexy photos from the Vogue Paris October issue. The Bal Masque theme could be another way of getting some inspirations for that Halloween costume outfit, my friends!!! I especially love the photo below of the yellow butterfly mask, it’s ohhh so pretty! It’s just plain fashionably great to bring glamour into this ghostly celebration. Who says sexy can’t be scary? lol.

 What will you ladies transform into on the night of Oct 31st?


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