Alexander McQueen SS11

I’ve never thought about who my favorite designer is but if I have to name one, I think it will have to be Alexander Mcqueen. He was a true genius and created history in fashion, where he stood out in public with his unconventional designs and showed no boundaries within creativity. It’s quite unbelievable to think that this legendary artist in the fashion world has already departed from us for nearly 7 months.

However, i felt that his presence was relived the very moment i saw the Alexander Mcqueen SS11 collection. The inspiration for this collection derives from nature where elements such as butterflies, wheat, and feathers are used. I love this collection and how it looks so earthy and colorful at the same time. The shoes in this collection is totally to die for too! I absolutely adore the heels with the butterfly and those golden arched wedges are sure to make a golden statement.

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2 responses to “Alexander McQueen SS11

  1. The Red Umbrella Chronicles

    Embellished and kinda crazy over the top but wow. Love the colours and the gold themes. And those shoes are A-mazing. Wow.

  2. i love lindsey wixson and that butterfly dress she’s wearing. and the shoes…the SHOES are freaking amazing.

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