Heather Gray Nails

It’s a new season and with that comes a new to everything, right? The same goes to our lovely nails, where neon and all red shades will be a thing of the past (or so i hope). This fall we will be trying out a more solid greyish color, the heather grey. I think it’s a great color and blends in flawlessly with neutral tones, to give you a complete autumn/winter look. Best of all, heather grey nails works just as fabulous with colorful summery outfits, which gives you versatility and not to mention, a great bargain too!

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7 responses to “Heather Gray Nails

  1. Clare

    Oh I love grey nails so very very much!

  2. The Red Umbrella Chronicles

    Ohh me too Clare. Sadly against my skin tone it does nothing for me 😦 This is therefore a trend I shall admire from afar….

  3. CinZilicious

    Thx girls, i love the color ohhhh so muchie too:) i bought it a few weeks ago too, hehehe

  4. Yes, this colour is big! I’m seeing it everywhere. Beautiful blog!!
    Let me know if you want to xchange links…and sign up as a follower and we will stay in touch.
    I’ll be back 4 sure!!

    • CinZilicious

      hi there Cupcake,

      Yes, i would love to xchange links, i’ll add u on my blogroll now:) Luv ur blog too, alot of juicy stuff with great photos!!!!

  5. honestly, i’ve never even thought of painting my nails grey. but it’s such a lovely color. i’ll have to try it and see how it works with my skin tone 🙂

  6. californiacandy

    I love this color, it’s a great compliment to all the nudes we are seeing out there! Love your blog! Thanks for the sweet comments!


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