Color trends for Fall 2010

According to In Style, these are the hot color trends to look out for this Fall. Some of these looks are pretty fierce, daring, and colorful, and by all means, i am more than happy to try them out. I’ve always been attracted to the vibrant colored looks and whilst i’m currently aiming to try the neutral look, I would have no problem embracing these great Fall color trends. Luckily, camel and black is on the trend list too, so i can still stay true to my neutral looks:) But i really think it’s all about balance and you just gotta think in porportion with these things.

Alrighty, lets cut the yapping and show you the goodies. Focus girls! ohhh…and i’m totally loving the Cobalt Blue and Sheer Black, what about you?

Cobalt Blue




Sheer Black

Emerald Green

Bright Red




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14 responses to “Color trends for Fall 2010

  1. So excited!!! I love these colors! These are definitely the colors for the season!! Love love love it!!


  2. the cobalt blue is gorgeous. but what caught my eye more is the camel. i’m tan-skinned so yes, the camel is really beautiful. the model who donned the camel colored outfit is a little tan, perhaps that’s where i got attracted. 😉

  3. Red is so hot right now!! I like the gold myself. Awesome blog…I’m adding you to my blogroll.
    stay in touch!!

  4. p.s. add yourself as a follower to help me keep in touch…

  5. Abi

    I’m a huge fan of vibrant colours and mettalics, so all these looks fit right in there.
    Loving the emerald green pieces here. Gorgeous!

  6. I love love love cobalt! Jewel tones are really big this upcoming fall/winter season. Great post!

    Check out my blog

  7. CinZilicious

    Thanks for all your lovely comments!!!:D Yes, all colors are lookin good eh?

  8. The Red Umbrella Chronicles

    For me, its the red and the emerald that stand out. Just a touch unusual and oh so bold. For me I’ll add touches against an LBD to brighten up the autumn look.

    As ever, fab post. 🙂

  9. Hi sweets, thanks for adding me to your blogroll. 🙂 I have added you too!

    I’m actually from Malaysia, and Sa Sa is everywhere as well! Haha. They’ve got a good range of items, and I particularly love their make-up and nail colors.

    Thanks heaps for stopping by my place. Will definitely frequent your blog. 😉 Much love. x

  10. cobalt blue and camel=my favorites. love the layout of your blog, glad i came across it 🙂

  11. Clare

    Duly noted. I love the blue and sheer black. Gorg!

  12. As an avid all-black wearer, I’m happily surprised to have fallen for the purple and cobalt blue. What vibrant colours for Autumn. Thanks for sharing!

    Do you have any suggestions for where we can shop for such colours?

    • CinZilicious

      Hi Milla,

      You know what? i don’t actually have any suggestions rite now, lol….but u just gave me an idea for for my future blog post:) Mite share with you all on what to shop for these lovely Fall color trends!! =D

  13. So glad sheer black is making a comeback, it’s the best A/W staple! Not crazy about all this camel at all though

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