Take a bow to hair bows!

From as far as i can remember, i was a little girl with a big fashion heart who loved dressing up, and i don’t mean my princessy ruffled dresses or ruffled pink socks. Yes, i had a thing with ruffles at an early age, who didn’t? lol. Please say YES! Anyhow,  what i’m talking about was my lovely shiny black hair. I would never leave the house without putting on some sort of hair accessories, where i had a huge collection of colorful hair bands, neon scrungies, bow clips, and other girlie hair clips. You should see my school photos from kindergarten up to grade 5, there was either a hair band or clip on that tiny head of mine each year, and of course with that darn cheesy smile too.

Fast forward twenty odd years later, my hair is free of any hair accesories and that’s the way i like it. But it’s come to my attention and for quite an on going while, that bow clips are back in fashion in the form of hair! I have to say, i’m not that thrilled about bows as i once was, and that’s until i saw these photo shots from the Vogue Italia October 2010 issue, where Model Charlotte di Calypso is beautifully done up with a cute hair bow. Then again, i doubt i’d have the patience or time for this hair do in the early mornings when i still feel like a zombie sleep walking, haha. I guess this hair bow look is better off for the models and celebrities who live in their crazy fashion world that has no boundaries. I’ll just adore and take my bow to hair bows from a far:)

Vogue Italia Oct 2010

Hair bows by other celebs

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9 responses to “Take a bow to hair bows!

  1. I saw this on Gaga first, it’s creative but a bit strange for day to day. We all had bows (big bow clip even), don’t fret!! haha

  2. OOooh!!! Yes I’m still loving these hair bows. I actually wore one last year for my Lady Gaga Halloween costume. It was fab!!


  3. The Red Umbrella Chronicles

    I am actually not a huge fan of shapes made out of hair as a rule, but Gaga pulls this off and certainly its creative and fun. Love to see something different in hair styles as well so gets my thumbs up! 🙂

  4. I think this is a look best kept for the magazines and catwalks; I’m not sure how many people can pull it off in “real life”.

    My ribbons, shaped slides and cute clips made brushing my hair fun when I was a child. Oh to be 8 years old again : )

  5. I love the first photo.. stunning..
    and the hair style are gorgeous

  6. CinZilicious

    @ cupcake, i read that it wasnt gaga who started the trend, but yes, i saw this on gaga first too;P

    @Melrod, im assumin u posted ur gaga outfit on ur blog?!?! 🙂 if so, i’ll look for it, hehe…

    @ RUC, gaga pulled it off for sure, considerin how many hair bows i’ve spotted after her!!! i just know i wont do it cuz it looks way too complicated,lol

    @ Milla, agree with you, its best kept on the runways and mags;) the hair bow reminds of that post cupcake wrote about a cherrie on Anna’s head,lol!

    @ LO, thx for stopping by my blog! and i agree, the first pic is stunning! done to perfection!:)

  7. oh i love the first one on vogue italia. the model looks stunning with the hair bow. but something that might just not look that great on a normal girl like me, on a day to day basis. true that – we should just leave it to the models and celebrities to carry this style, and take a bow from afar. 😉 like that phrase! x

  8. This is the first time I see a picture of Paris and she looks actually good 😉

    It’s cute, but a small trend, I think. How many of us can even manage to get a perfect bow in their hair (real or fake)? But if anyone is available, I’ll be a guinea-pig!


  9. CinZilicious

    Thx Sarah, i kinda liked that take a bow from afar line too, hahaha 🙂

    LCT – i wouldn’t mind bein a guinea pig either:D as long as i can return to my normal look afterwards, haha

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