Who’s that face?

The Italian fashion house Patrizia Pepe has come out with it’s F/W 2010 ad campaign and got me seriously wondering, who’s that face? Wait and look again. Yes, there is no face!  No fancy models were present and faces were replaced with other accessories like dog, bag, balloons, and masks instead.  The anonymity of this campaign is to reflect back on their logo “Who is Patrizia?” and i say that they did a pretty good job. For one thing, it got my attention but whether i can afford to buy their stuff is another question, lol. Either way, this campaign ad definitely left an impression to me in that very moment. I love the one with the duckie!!! What about you?:)

Check out the “Who is Patrizia Pepe?” video!!!

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5 responses to “Who’s that face?

  1. That’s one way to cut the budget in a recession! No famous high ticket models!! Cute ad!

  2. They’re so creative!! I love different ad compaigns like this! xoxoxoxoo

  3. Haha, love it! My favourite is definitely the one with the French Horn, bizarrely brilliant.

  4. CinZilicious

    Thx for ur lovely comments ladies!!:) Really appreciate it. If ya wanna know, advertising agency TBWA/Italia were behind this concept.

    @ cupcake, ur too funny about cuttin the budget due to recession,lol

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