Are you ready for Heavy Machine?

No, it’s not what you think it is. It’s not about some sort of new machinery or gadget invention. What i’m onto is the latest fashion finds of the shoe brand, Heavy Machine.  The creators behind the brand is Michelle Wu and Yoyo Pan who met as fashion students in Taipei, Taiwan. They only just recently established Heavy Machine in 2009, and they are certainly not showing signs of stopping just yet. They’ve already got shops in New York, Amsterdam, and their home base Taipei!!!

First glance at these shoes and you’re quickly assured as to why such a name would be given to such  fashionable footwear. Their collection is all about structure, form, and inspirations driven from industrial machinery. While the name may sound tough, their colorful and futuristic shoes promises comfort and style. The reason behind the brand name, you ask? As quoted by the designers  “If we could rename a high heel, we would name it “heavy machine”, a machine that drives women crazy to sacrifice their health for being sexy” (source).

Hopefully these futuristic heels are here to stay and not just another fashion fad.

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6 responses to “Are you ready for Heavy Machine?

  1. So cool!! It is fascinating how a shoe can be so architectural. Tres Bien!!

  2. I do like the whole modern, architectural, structured feel, but some of these I think are a bit too awkward. I do love the majority of them though.

  3. Clare

    Omgah these shoes are quite a statement!!!

  4. wow these aren’t shoes, they are art. amazing.

  5. Wow, I want these shoes so badly! They’re the perfect blend of fashion and art.

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