Fashion illustrations by Nuno Da Costa

London based, Nuno is a self taught illustrator and he’s the person behind these glamorous fashion illustrations. His name may not ring a bell to many and that includes myself  but his portfolio is quite impressive. His list of clients consist of Clinque, jewellery designer Kirt Holmes, fashion designer Melissa Odabash, and to name a few. He has also been employed  as the fashion illustrator for Melissa Odabash’s Ready To Wear S/S 2010 collection, and appeared on publications such as Marie Claire, The Daily Telegraph, and Wonderland.

At first i wondered how such beautiful illustrations were created and when i found out how, i could not believe it! His illustrations are created in the simplest of ways, where he hand draws his work with water colors and Gouache (water paint). Then they go through a cycle of being scanned, retouched and painted on Photoshop. Sounds pretty simple but i say his work is far from being just simple! It definitely requires some talent and an eye for fashion:)

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13 responses to “Fashion illustrations by Nuno Da Costa

  1. californiacandy

    These are so beautiful! Amazing how the artist brings so much life and movement to them, very impressed!

  2. What stunning pictures! I love to draw, but am quite sure I could never create anything like these. It’s a rare talent.

  3. These are amazing! Some of these are quite realistic, and all of them are just plain high fashion!

  4. These are some really good illustrations.

  5. The Red Umbrella Chronicles

    OMG love, love, love these. Stunning. Great find. Some of my favourites to date. Super post!

  6. Absolutely stunning! Thank you for sharing : )

  7. His style is exquisite, his understanding of color is brilliant. LOVE!

  8. Le Choix Trois

    Pretty, pretty! Wish I had a talent for drawing.


    Le Choix Trois

  9. CinZilicious

    @ cupcake, calicandy, and stylista – they are beautiful indeed:) its insanely amazing!

    @ perfectperfectionist – yes, i love to draw too but im nowhere near to that standard or talent! lol

    @ ninjagaiden78 – agree totally:D

    @ R-U-C – great find eh?!!? i love them too!!!i remember you had some fascinating fashion illustrations on one of your posts too:)

    @ Milla – always my pleasure, sharing is for caring eh? ;0) haha that sounded super cheesy!

    @ Kellina – thx for stopping by and leaving a comment! Glad you dropped by my blog. And yes, his understandin of color is absolutely brilliant.

    @ LCT – me too!! =P

  10. Hello,
    I just wanted to say thank you so much for posting my work. I am SO pleased you like it!
    Have an amazing weekend…
    Thanks again,

    • CinZilicious

      Hello Nuno,

      Thx for leaving a comment, its sucha nice surprise!!! didn’t think you would ever come across my blog:) But yeah, your work is fabulous, keep it up!!!!

  11. shirley

    simply beautiful!!! makes you smile when you look at them.

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