Add me on Bloglovin’ to show some lovin’:)

Yes, i finally took the time out to register on bloglovin’ and added it on my blog. So please do feel free to add me and follow my latest updates:) Anyhow, i got to confess, i was having major problems adding the bloglovin’ icon on my blog but to cut a long story short, i was finally able to do it and it’s freaking 2:45am now. Yes, i was that determined to get it fixed, it just down right bothered me!!!! And that my friend, is another reason why i decided to blog twice today! I need to let off some steam,lol.

While i’m in the mood, i’m gonna post some lovely photos of my fave Japanese singer Namie Amuro too:) She is just so cute and pretty, i think anyway. I blogged about her earlier in the year so if you want to know more about her then click here, there’s a music video in that post too! As for now, hope you guys enjoy these photos as much as i do!!!!!!

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3 responses to “Add me on Bloglovin’ to show some lovin’:)

  1. Haha! Technical problems – hate them too. Love that first photo of her.

  2. CinZilicious

    Yes, it was so annoying…..ARgghhh….
    Thanks!!! i think she’s gorg:) I’ve been a fan of her since the 90s, lol..yah, she’s actually 33 now and has a kid, can u believe that!?!?!

  3. The Red Umbrella Chronicles

    Super cute and unusual shots – such amazing skin 🙂

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