Trend Alert: Tassels to bedazzle?

Tassels were seen on the  S/S 2o11 runways for Gucci, Pucci, Paul & Joe, Topshop Unique, and etc. Although tassels have already been seen in the past and mostly on bags, it seems that the trend has gone upon that and can be applied to dresses, belts, clutches, shoes, and even hats! 

Honestly, i can’t quite figure out if this is a do or don’t. And if i had to choose, the only thing i’m kinda liking are the tassel belts and can be worn on a “normal” day, lol. What’s your take? Are you bedazzled or baffled by the tassels trend?

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4 responses to “Trend Alert: Tassels to bedazzle?

  1. I’m a no on the tassels trend. It feels to be a bit much. I don’t like clothes wearing someone – costumey!
    Cupcake 🙂

    • CinZilicious

      i know eh? abit too much. but i gotta say, im lovin the colors of the outfits for Pucci’s S/S 2011 collection (love that pink blazer)!!!

  2. Hmm, not sure I could pull off the tassels in daily life! The ones on the bags are great, but I think that’s about all I could manage.

  3. If done right, tassels can be a great fashion statement, and I’d wear it. But do it wrong, and it can turn out to be a mess!

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