In my bag

I’ve been meaning to post a  “in my bag” post for a long time and for no particular reason, i thought today would be a great day to tick this off my “to do list”.

As i’m sure alot of women can agree with me, it always seems that our bag weighs a gazillion pounds and we never know how it happens. Well, i suppose i do know to some extent, where i end up telling myself i need this and that, and so forth.  So to see what is really going on with all this bag business, i will give you VIP access to see what is in my bag:)


Balenciaga Town bag  in Black – my sweetest ever BF got it for my birthday this year as mentioned in my previous post here

Burberry scarf – this pink baby keeps me warm on the chilly air conditioned train rides and at work.

Burberry cardholder – this may look small but it can keep all my credit cards, ATM card, train card ticket, ID card, and money.

Hello Kitty coin purse – a daily necessity for buying those odd bits we least expect (e.g. bubble gum, spare change for bus, ferry, and tram rides).

Samsung Mobile – i need my phone wherever  i go or else i feel disconnected with the world.  Btw, this is a temporary phone i’m using as i lost my LG last month, and i’m still thinking if i should get the iphone 4!!!

Fresh Sugar lip balm – my lips are pretty dried and so it’s crucial to give them as much moisture as possible.

Becca Champagne lip gloss  – this quick fix gives me that fresh look when i have to go chill with my girls on last min notice.

Majolica Marjorca mascara – i put this on whenever i go into work and think i look too blah.

Shiseido Maquillage eyelash curler – i always need this when i wanna pump up those lashes and they work perfect together with the MJ mascara.

L’Occitane Dry Skin Hand Cream – this comes in real handy when i need to soften those dried hands of mine, esp during the winter.

Bath and Body Works Midnight Pomegranate Anti – bacterial deep cleansing hand gel – this is a good alternative when i run out of tissue and need to clean my hands. Or if i just plainly think my hands need some anti – bacterial action, lol.

Anna Sui make up bag – to put all my lovely cosmetic products together in one place with no mess or fuss.

Tempo tissue – you need this for hygiene reasons and well, you just dont know what you will encounter in public places (e.g. public toliet with no tissue! ewww).

Note book and  pen – this is for jointing down my schedules as i like to be organized, and at times i write down my random thoughts.

Ipod Nano (PRODUCT) Red – just plug in my ear phones and i instantly go into my own world to the tunes of the 80s and 90s oldies (Whitney Houston – I wanna dance with somebody,lol) to the latest Usher, Beyonce, Lady Gaga, and others. What a collection!

Ipod Nano case – i got this multicolored Ipod Nano case in the stationary store Paperchase when i went back to London for a visit 2 years ago . It protects my Ipod Nano well enough but oddly, there’s alot of dirt that goes in between the gaps, lol. 

Balenciaga Mirror – you can’t see it in the photo but it’s attached to the bag which makes its super handy and useful.

WOw, that seemed like a long list! So tell me, what do you lovely darlings have in your lovely bags?????? I would love to know:)

P.S. I just realised i forgot to mention my home keys!  That’s a pretty important “in my bag” item as its the only way to get into my home, lol



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11 responses to “In my bag

  1. I luv these ‘features’ cuz I’m sooo nosy! My purse is not nearly as interesting…26 pennies, 5 scraps of paper with notes written on them, a pen that exploded, etc…

  2. I love love love your items in your bag!! Yay! we both have a Balenciaga!! We are fabulous! Lol! I forgot to include my phone, (which I can’t live without) and a few more items. Great items my dear!


  3. CaliforniaCandy

    Wow, that is a lot of stuff! I bag cannot compete with your fabulosity!

  4. Clare

    A great and very complete bag of wonderful things!!

  5. Super jealous of your Burberry items! I have gum, about 4 lip glosses, a zillion pens, my notebook, and then random floating articles for my thesis. It’s a mess in there, a black hole for small pretty things 😛

  6. Wow, you’ve got a lot of stuff in your bag!

  7. The Red Umbrella Chronicles

    He he, I loved this post. My bag is exactly the same – it weighs a ton and I never know why!! I share the same love for that divine hand cream – I never leave home without hand cream. And very cute purse!

  8. Le Choix Trois

    What a fun post! And so much stuff 🙂
    A few weeks ago Vogue UK had an item where models and celebs opened up their bags.
    For me, it depends on the bag I’m carrying, but I always carry my keys, phone and wallet with me. In every bag you’ll find receipts from grocery shopping, magazines and restaurants (ok, I admit….and clothes), plus a pen, coins and lipgloss.

    Le Choix Trois
    Fashion is all about choices. What will you choose?

    Ps Now you have showed us the inside of your bag, wanna show your fave three at Le Choix Trois?

  9. Great Post! I really enjoyed it. You have inspired me to do one soon.

    Check out my blog for a Halloween Eye Spell: Golden Goddess

  10. CinZilicious

    Thx for all your lovely comments! Some were pretty interesting too:)

    @cupcake – exploded pen? lol not sure why but i laughed when i read that ;P

    @ Melord – Yes to our Balenciaga bags!!!:) I love mine!!! My friends actually call it the B bag, haha

    @perfectperfectionst – 4 lipglosses?! lol…us women always can never have too many lipglosses eh? only diff is i only put one in my bag and the rest stays home, lol

    @ RUC – u mean the coin purse? Yes, its cute isnt it? got it from a friend in Japan:)

    @ LCT – yes, i forgot abt the receipts too! They keep appearing in my bag after i clear them out over and over again!lol and yes, i would love to share with you on my fave three but how do i do it? just post it on my blog or…?????

    @vivalaqbee03 – i await for your “in my bag” post;) i love those posts to be honest!

  11. Send me your mail adress

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