S/S 2011 Nail Color Inspiration

While everyone were fixated and had their eyes glued on the newest collections of fabuluous designer clothes during Fashion Week runways, i beg to differ. Now that’s not to say that I don’t think the clothings aren’t lust worthy because they so are! It’s just that there are other smaller things that matters too, and needs some loving:) And just what might that be? Look down on your keyboard right now and you’ve got your answer – your lovely nails!!!!!!!

Yes, go ahead and call me a nail-holic junkie and i’ll have no hesitation to be at your services, to talk about nail polish that is:) I’ve always loved doing my nails and not to mention its for free, and  i’m always up to see what sort of new nail color trends to experiment with. I know that alot of women tend to neglect their nails and i’m sure it’s not done on purpose but they ohhh so deserve some love and respect too, ya know?

Now i know it’s only Fall and that Spring is nowhere near but i thought that these nail polish colors at the S/S 2011 runways for NY Fashion Week just rocked it! I’m already onto the DKNY orange nails and its a great color just as we’re approaching Halloween! I ‘m definitely gonna try out the 3 layered color nails as seen on the runway for Betsey Johnson. Betsey always does crazy and out of the ordinary things and think its what keeps her going so you keep doing your thing! I’ve actually already tried doing my own nails in 2 layered colors so it’ll be interesting to see if i can master it to the next level, lol.

Which nail colors will you fab fashionistas be sporting this Fall? Fess up as i’d love to know!!! And lastly, are you a hardcore nail-holic junkie like me?;D

Dennis Basso


3.1 Philip Lim

Marc Jacobs

Jason Wu

Betsey Johnson

Photo Source



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5 responses to “S/S 2011 Nail Color Inspiration

  1. I love that first nail color. It is a must have!


  2. RAD!!! Gorg! My only issue would be pairing down my crap to fit in those luvely clutches.

  3. I actually love all of these, except Betsey Johnson. Chanel also had a great colour for Spring. I’ll never forget Chanel’s jade nailcolour!

  4. So true. I love freshly polished nails, and they can pull together an outfit nicely. Unfortunately I’m allergic to most nail polishes! I have two super expensive polishes that are specially formulated, one dark, one french pink. I survive off those :).

  5. CinZilicious

    Thx for the fab comments:) Love getting your views on fashion trends!!! I love all the colors truth be told, apart from that irony grey as seen on the run way for 3.1. Philip Lim

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