Wham – “Last Christmas”

While we’re at it, i thought i’d share with you all a super cheesy Christmas song that i used to love (ok fine, i still secretly dig it,lol) – Wham with “Last Christmas”. They were a big hit in the 80s and this song was without a doubt a huge success. Gosh, these British lads really rocked it in the 80s eh?! Enjoy!



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6 responses to “Wham – “Last Christmas”

  1. i love it. even if it’s cheesy, haha. sometimes the cheesy-est songs are the best. i can see that you’re into the christmas mood already! i can’t wait for christmas. my favorite season, really.

    it must be really exciting waiting for your bf to come back! i hope he gets a job, but it shouldn’t be a prob ay? 🙂

  2. It’s a classic!! Fromage, yes une peu but so what!!! No shame in luvin wham

  3. Clare

    Yes! this is def a classic that I LOVE!!!!


  4. The Red Umbrella Chronicles

    A bit early for christmas music yet (!!) but totally LOVE this song. My fave tune for December!!


  5. CinZilicious

    Yes, i love this song!!!:D Nothing to be ashame of right??? lol

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