All I want for Christmas…

I know it’s insanely crazy that i’m already thinking about Christmas, especially since we’re only nearing the end of October! But there is just something about this festive season that brings such a smile to my face. Just the thought of wearing lovely cosy sweaters, big warm coats, wrapping myself in scarfs and boots, and holding onto a cup of piping hot Starbucks latte, whilst white snow flakes gently fall down on my face, is more than i can ask for right now. Ahhhh, i miss all of that when i was in London. It sucks that it doesn’t snow in Hong Kong and so i can hardly call it a white Christmas, but these photos for Michael Kors Winter 2010 advertising campaign just made me feel that much closer to a white Christmas.

Photo Source

By the way, BF is arriving to Hong Kong today and i gotta pick him up from the airport later on. Yes, he’s decided to come here for 2 months to try and look for a job!!! And yes, that means we’ll be spending our very first Christmas together:) For that reason, please excuse me if i don’t blog as much as i’d like in the near future. I’ll try my best to juggle work, relationship, friendship, life, and my blog! lol

Have yourself an early Merry Christmas for now!!!:D



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5 responses to “All I want for Christmas…

  1. Must be the best excuse I’ve ever heard for not blogging too often 🙂

  2. No, it’s not too early for Christmas! 🙂 The Bay has already started decorating with Christmas trees. But anyway, love Kor’s ads. They’re always so glamourous.

  3. The Red Umbrella Chronicles

    A.D.O.R.E these shots. Stunning and so warm looking. Love.

  4. Good for you two – enjoy a wonderful Christmas together 🙂


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