Lanvin Heart H&M

The Lanvin for H&M collection is absolutely to die for and i can’t wait to get my hands on them!!! Unfortunately, they won’t be coming to Hong Kong until Nov 20th, and yes, that is a bloody long wait i say.

I quickly took a look at their Fall 2010 look book and i am already filled with excitement!  You will find that there is something in this collection for all fashionistas out there. For a fun and edgy look,  there are the vibrant dresses with cutesy ruffles to show off those sexy shoulders of yours. Or for a more elegant look, there are plenty of selections to choose from their little black dresses (LBD), where they look chic and sleek, and with a feminine cut to it. This collection looks pretty playful to me with all those colors, structure, cute prints like the legging print on the t-shirt, and those sexy leopard print heels! It’s  almost like a fashion playground for us fashion nut heads, lol.

My fave is the sleeveless LBD covered in ruffles and the dramatic blue dress – simply fabulous!!!! Hm…….something tells me that this collection is gonna be fashion-tastic!!!!:D 

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4 responses to “Lanvin Heart H&M

  1. Ah! My favourite is that dress too! I NEED to get my hands on it, even if just for a second!

  2. Wow, absolutely adore the white dresses!

  3. I had a preview last Thursday and the collection is really good. I’m dying to get my hands on the blue silk dress. It’s just beautiful. The tees were great too and the print dresses and the tulle dresses. The one shoulder mono coloured dresses were made of a fabric that was a bit tougher than I’d like, with chunky details like a black zipper. And the Zebra coats were a bit dissapointing. But the packaging is sooooo good already, you’ll need to go in line for that. I really loved the jewellery too, the red and pink necklace were just gorge. And the fake fur jackets are so chic! The shoes look amazing on, but they tend to be small.

    When I left they gave me a little HM/Lanvin bag (it’s linen with satin handles and a red flower on it). Inside was the cute lookbook, a lipstick and the famous Elbaz tie. D.I.E.! I’m definitely getting up early on the day of the sale, put on some comfy boots, a warm coat and my protection gear, to fight my way along the other fashionistas. 😉

    Le Choix Trois

  4. Clare

    H&M partnerships just get better and better. Lanvin is one of my favorite designers. SO this is pretty awesome

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