Rain boots gets a make over!

It’s been pouring over the weekend and with that, out came all the rain boots on the streets of the bustling city of Hong Kong. Water puddles were everywhere and people bumping into each other from brolly to brolly. Not to my surprise, the rainy weather has found another new meaning and creativity in the fashion world. It’s the latest invention of the transparent ankle boots if you haven’t already heard about it.

You may have seen this fashion trend being blogged about lately and I am not surprised at all, as it’s definitely a blog worthy post!!! It’s sorta a love and hate relationship, or like Marmite, you either like it or hate it. I actually am not feeling it at all but i do admire the creativity put into it. They are called transparent ankle boots but they sure can pass as rain boots for me too, lol. 

Swedish label Cheap Monday went daring and had their SS 2011 collection filled with models walking up the runway in the transparent ankle boots.  These long transparent ankle boots just look plain silly over the jeans and I don’t know what to make over the shorter boot version.  At the same time, their clothes are quite nice with the montoned colors effect but the model’s faces look pretty freaky, pissed off, and oily to me (or maybe its intended to be like that?)!!! =P

Love it or  hate it?  What’s your say ladies?

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8 responses to “Rain boots gets a make over!

  1. Fashion Me Chic

    These boots are so stylish. I would wear them immediately. That is such a great and also stylish idea.

  2. Fashion Me Chic

    Silly or not. I have to give them credit for trying something different. The clothes are beautiful.

    Fashion is about taking risks. Right! Have a lovely monday!

  3. Me not so much!! I think they’re not attractive. Would you wear socks? Your feet would freeze otherwise- there are technical difficulties here!

  4. The boots look ugly and uncomfortable. Not for me at all.

    The white bikini on the other hand has just entered my lust list. Stunningly simple.


  5. I love them. I would wear them. That way my pedicure can still be seen lol.

    Lip Tip Week

  6. Clare

    I like them! However, I would never wear them. I like to steer clear from uber trendy things that i will hate after 6 months.

    But they are SUPER fun in photos.


  7. Hmm, I admire the idea, and I would admire a woman who could pull them off. Pretty sure I couldn’t pull them off myself though! I don’t have the prettiest of feet, that’s part of the reason for my shoe addiction. These are best covered!

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