Trend Alert: Side braid

I remember as a kid, i would see other girls with hair braids and i couldn’t because my hair was either too short or too thin, and of course, i had the hideous uneven boyish short fringe look,  as done by my beloved mom. The hair braid is for sure an evolving look where it’s been seen in the fashion world continuously and it keeps coming back! While the braided hair look was a trend in 2009, its the side braid that’s blowing our mind for the 2010, and it’s said to be going forward onto 2011 for awhile anyway.

The side braid has been spotted on the Spring 2010 runways for Alexander Wang,  DSquared2, and Miu Miu. The trend has even caught onto celebrities and been an influence to the street stylers, and influenced fashionistas living as far as in Japan! That is true fashion devotion eh!? 😉

Side Braid on the runways 2010

Side Braid on Celebs 2010

Rachel Adams – one of my fave actresses out in Hollywood. She never fails to impress me and looks  so pretty and cute with her warm smile:)

Emma Watson – this young lady has come a long way since her Harry Potter days, and she is defo showing no stopping. And she’s really blossomed into a fine young lady with great taste in style.


Amanda Seyfried – this was taken at the premiere for her film “Letters to Juliet” and it’s a great example to demonstrate how a  casual side braid look can also work for those red carpet moments.

Side Braid on Street Stylers 2010

(Paris, France)

(New York City)

(Tokyo, Japan)

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12 responses to “Trend Alert: Side braid

  1. The side braid is cute! I do my daughter’s hair in a side fishtail braid which looks so cool!

  2. Love the side braid! It makes me want to try it out.

  3. i love the photos of amanda seyfried, rachel adams and emma watson! they’re really gorgeous girls, and humble ones at that. the side braid looks really good! wished my hair was longer to do it. x

  4. i love the side braid my hair has been like this for pretty much the whole summer xxxx

  5. Clare

    Oh yes, the side braid is SO in right now! I wish my hair was longer… SAD!

  6. I agree with Lindsey I have to try out this look. I love how Rachel Adams wears it. (Do you think it will work with curly/wavy hair?)

  7. I’m all for any hairstyle that is supposed to look messy — and that doesn’t single me out as being as lazy as I am 🙂
    Thanks for visiting and for your sweet comment!!

  8. YES YES YES!!! I love this new trend. It’s funny because I have layers and when I braid my hair I get some of the hair sticking out of the braid, and thought it looked tacky, but apparently it’s not because the girls above are rocking it and they look fabulous!! Thanks for sharing!


  9. These are all amazing photos!! I adore the hair braid pictures! xoxooxxoo

  10. californiacandy

    Love the side braid, great post!

  11. Love the side braids! Always the go-to for my hair.

    If you like vintage clothing as much as you like amazing hair please come and check us out!


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