Prada S/S 2011 Ad Campaign

Excuse my absence from blogging lately but there has been so much going on since my last post. To start off with, i fell super ill with a nasty sore throat and cold, and that was just utterly nasty! Alot of sneezing and runny nose, tissue papers all over my room, you get the picture right?! Then last week there was my dad and mom’s birthday party (yes they are only 10 days apart, can you believe it?), and my mom’s celebration took  up freaking 3 days! I took my mom and family to the Intercontinental Hotel for a dinner buffet and it was so yummy and i was sooo stuffed!!! Photos will be posted later so stay tuned! I also got her a gorgeous Swarovski necklace and she was way beyond happy about that, lol.  Over the weekend, I had to prepare for BF’s surprise welcome to Hong Kong dinner party and that mostly got me all tired out! BUT….i’m feeling alot better now and oh yes, thanks for all the sweet comments for wishing me well you fellow bloggers!!!You guys just make me smile:)

On the other hand, i saw these fab and colorful photos for Prada’s S/S 2011 ad campaign that i just had to share them with you all! I love how the collection is bombarded with vibrant colors and stripes, which amazingly looks good together. And gosh, those wacky alien eye alike looking glasses are just ugly pretty. Does that make sense? lol It’s like they got this sense of beauty at first glance but then you just know you’ll look silly in them. The denim bag is kinda doing it for me too but i suppose its more of an one off trend thing, no?? What do you girls think of this ad campaign? Love it or hate it!?

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7 responses to “Prada S/S 2011 Ad Campaign

  1. Oooh! So bright and bold. I am loving these colors.


  2. Very cool glasses! Hey nice to see you back in action and happy you are feeling better!
    Great idea for a gift, my Mom’s Bday is coming up too…might be a good idea.

  3. Glad you’re feeling better!
    These all look cute… very Prada, and I like most anything striped 🙂
    Thanks so much for your sweet comment 🙂

  4. CaliforniaCandy

    Wow, you have been busy… glad you’re feeling better doll!

  5. Clare

    Glad you are back and feeling better! Lovely glasses in the last photo… amazing!

  6. Oh don’t worry! A lot of bloggers seem to be busy lately, including myself! I wasn’t particularly a fan of this collection, and so these ads just look a bit weird to me.

  7. I hope you’re feeling much better!! I love those Prada ads…those glasses are wicked! xxoxoxoo

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