Emma Watson:Stylist Magazine Nov 2010

I know everyone has been going on about Emma’s latest pixie crop hair cut and i gotta say, i love it. But it’s the latest Stylist Magazine that covered some amazing photos of  her, which showed a more fun and sexier side to her. She looks fresh, chic, and glamourous all at once, and along with alot of character in these photo shots.

It’s hard to believe that our little Miss. Harry Potter that once had those cute fringes, has already blossomed into a fine young lady but i’m glad to see her continuously striving forward in her career and most importantly, that she is continuing with her education too! We really need more talented actresses out there who can really act and not just an airhead who looks pretty with a hollow brain, lol.


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3 responses to “Emma Watson:Stylist Magazine Nov 2010

  1. She is so hot! I love her. She has the perfect face to pull off the short haircut.

    Hope you have a wonderful thanksgiving!


  2. wow these pics are amazing xx

  3. Wow, she looks so different with short hair! I don’t prefer this punky look…not her style.

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