Get ready for the British Fashion Awards 2010!!!

Just as we’re all getting busy with our Christmas shopping and all, it’s easy to lose focus and forget about other fun and fashionable events and with that said, we got the British Fashion Awards just around the corner!!!! There has been a new category included called the British Style Award, where an individual   “embodies the spirit of London and is an international ambassador for London as a leading creative fashion capital” (quote source). Hm, that certainly puts alot of pressure on the British ladies, don’t you say?!

The British Fashion Council (BFC) has already announced the noominees and the winners will be announced at the Awards on Dec 7th, 2010!!!! I honestly think it’s hard to choose because there are quite a bunch of British stylish celebs out there. But what must be done must be done and sooooooo, why don’t we take a look at some of the nominees and wreck our brains out to figure out who the winners will be?

And if you ask me, i say Alexa Chung and Emma Watson are in the lead. Alexa Chung looks really down to earth where her style is ever changing. She never really over dos it and looks good in mostly anything! There is just one thing that i don’t really like and that is her voice, it sounds kinda husky and i was ubber shocked when i first heard her speak on MTV, lol. But that is just my opinion and plus, she still looks gorg so who cares, haha. As for Emma Watson, she’s made smart  and decent outfit choices so far and never looks tacky. She’s slowly growing into this fine and posh young lady with a fab smile:) Emma’s recent collaboration with Burberry was also a smart move towards her career and adds another British asset onto her resume,  and of course  the trench coat fits her like a glove!

Who will you vote for the British Style Awards nomination this year?

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5 responses to “Get ready for the British Fashion Awards 2010!!!

  1. Georgia!! Beautiful, great style for a youngster and I adore her!

  2. That’s going to be a tough choice because I love both Emma and Alexa. There are other great nominees too. I have to say Alexa because I’ve loved everything she wears! xoxoxxoo

  3. alexa shes pretty awesome xxx

  4. Alexa, Lara or Daphne! These three are true fashion people!

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