Summer Look Book

There’s something about these photos that makes me really miss summer. I miss how the sun beams onto my face while  i  lie on the grass and enjoy the summer’s silence. Then there’s the sandels, soft dresses, mini skirts, and shorts that comes into the picture. I love walking freely in my jean skirts and wearing shirts, tank tops, or whatever that my body can easily breath through the hot and humid city of Hong Kong, and it can get up to 85% in humidty over here, lol. Yikes…..for now i’m gonna enjoy these inspirational summer photos and yes, i know we’re only in the month of December but it’s never too early to think about what to wear right?! 😉

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4 responses to “Summer Look Book

  1. The Breton shirt is summer to me. I have one in dark blue and in red with white stripes. It’s so drab now 😦

  2. It is cold and snowing in London so these images are perfect for viewing right now. I love those summer shoes…

  3. Clare

    Ah! Warm weather! Come back to me. Ugh I feel like winter is only just beginning!

  4. A feminine summer is upon us : )


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