2011 in Vogue

If this is how the coming year 2011 is gonna look like, then I am more than welcoming it and with embraced arms too!!! The December issue of Vogue Russia shows a jolly side to 2011 with Barbara Palvin looking absolutely gorgeous and fabulous, and ever as cute!!! Then again, with some blings from Harry Winston, Bvlgari, and Tiffany & Co, who wouldn’t look as fab and happy too!!!:D

These photos scream fun and fashion to me, from the leopard and floral prints and sparkly gems, to the fake eye lash and butterfly hair accessory. I’m just not too sure about the sleep accessories in these photos but I’m in love with her food photo. What can I say, I love my food and particularly pretty food, haha. She looks like a super natural holding that delish donut and the colorful tropical drink! 

Won’t you say this is an inviting way to celebrate a new year with some fun, fabulousity, and  glamour!?!

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5 responses to “2011 in Vogue

  1. Agree, fun! Colourful with fun lines, which I hope means a better everything in 2011 (clothing colour and lines are indicators of the condition of the economy)…

  2. She is so freakin’ hot hot hot!!!! Yes this so screams fun fashion!!


  3. Look at you go on LCT!!! Congrats!

  4. she’s gorgeous! and i love the photo of her and the fake eyelash. although i have to agree that the food photo is equally amazing as well! adds all that edge and fun to it.

    i’m with you – if 2011 spells fun like these photos, i’m in! x

  5. Ooo! If only it were like this everyday!

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