It’s finally starting to feel like Christmas

I can finally say that it’s starting to look more Christmasey at home now!!! Over the weekend, BF and I went out to buy new Christmas decorations to make our first one extra special. As expected, I was the one way more excited and wanted to buy almost everything that I saw in the shops, lol. It got to the point where BF asked if I was overdoing it, haha. I think the best purchase was the bag of silver ornaments. It basically had everything in it starting from the silver beads, glittery snow flakes, different styles of balls, to the mini star. I also bought these really cute Christmas cards and mailed them off just in time! 

We managed to set up our tree on Saturday and it took a long time, and I am so gonna blame it on my zodiac sign, Virgo. Yes, I’m such a perfectionist where I will examine everything a million times to make sure all the ornaments are balanced out in color, pattern, and size, lol. Oh, and if I come across as being way too proud of our Christmas tree, there is a very good reason for it. The thing is, my Christmas tree was an absolute mess last year. I was using the same ornaments I had used since high school, which was a combination of mix and matched multi colored balls, plastic candy canes and wooden angels that were falling apart, and that hideous rainbow colored lights.

This year I wanted our Christmas tree to be extra special and so I thought through all the details and design carefully. I wanted a simple, stylish, and festive Christmas tree. I originally was gonna go for the silver and red color scheme but thought I’d try pink for a more modern look. I can’t get enough of those cute glittery angels too, which I actually found last min. I just knew they would add that last touch to our tree.  I’m very pleased with the final product so lets take a glimpse into my Christmasey home sweet home!!! 😀

Hope you guys enjoyed my DIY Christmas home project!!!  So how is your Christmas looking like at home this year? I would love to know or even see photos!:)



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8 responses to “It’s finally starting to feel like Christmas

  1. It looks beautiful and perfectly put together! I love the snow angels ornaments…thinking about putting them up for our tree too! You did an amazing job! That snowman is just too adorable by the way 🙂 xoxoxoxoo

  2. Awww…seriously wonderful! The tree ornaments are adorable! Well done!

  3. The decorations look great! I’m not decorating my home this year, as I’m going away for the holidays=)

  4. Love how everything turned out, and your tree is AMAZING!! My cousin actually decorated her tree pink too, and it came out fabulous!


  5. Clare

    Omgah you are definitely an expert decorator! I love the way you decorated so festive and warm.

  6. love all your decorations xxxx

  7. Love the decorations! Can’t believe it is only 9 days left till Christmas. I’m not still not done with my presents, but I’m getting there:)
    Love your Danish, by the way (refering to your comment om my blog – hahah!)

  8. SO pretty and I love all the extra little touches! 🙂

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