Kids are rocking around in style this winter…

I saw these photos for Zara’s Kids A/W 2010 – 11 collection and i just melted. The kids look ever soooooooo adorable in these cute and stylish wintery outfits! I normally don’t really like it when parents dress their kids up in fancy and expensive designer brand outfits or accessories, which so many celebrity kids are getting or already sucked into right now. Just think little Suri wearing ballerina flats by French brand, Repetto, and coat by Juicy Couture! Oh boy.

But i feel that Zara is an okay brand for kids. It’s more low key and still looks fabulous! At least it can be an every now and then treat for the kids for those festive seasons right?:) Whether you agree or not, i sure as heck  think it beats dressing kids up in Prada shoes or Burberry trench coats or whatever absurd ideas that are flying all ove the place out there! I don’t have any kids so who am i to say but this is purely just my opinion:) What do you guys think then? Zara, a yessie or no no brand for kids?


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6 responses to “Kids are rocking around in style this winter…

  1. Beautiful kids clothes & aren’t they adorable!

  2. Cute clothes, cute children and I’m sure the price is considerably lower than Gucci and so on. These clothes aren’t flashy and I suspect that being able to save time and buy your children’s clothes in the same place as your own has great appeal to many parents.

  3. They are so stylish and adorable!

  4. Hello Sor por! Cute kids…Just like you were as a kid 😛

  5. I love the Zara girls’ range but I didn’t think the range for boys was as good. I had to revert to GAP for clothes for my nephew in the end…!

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