Christmas song for the week- All i want for Christmas is you!!!

Since it’s approaching close to Christmas, i thought why not post a Christmas song? Yes, looks like i’m guilty as charged for breaking my “Photo only” Sunday post again but rules are meant to broke and hey, it’s Christmas!!!!;) So i’m offcially forgiven, i know it, lol.

I used to truly like and admire Mariah Carey and her singing talent during those long ago “Hero” and “Without You” song days, but then she went all diva and i changed my mind, lol. Anyhow, this is a Christmas song that i still enjoy by Mariah Carey and i hope you guys like it too!!!! Enjoy your last weekend before the final Christmas day, hohohoho…..;)



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7 responses to “Christmas song for the week- All i want for Christmas is you!!!

  1. I love this song too! Thanks so much for your sweet comment :))

  2. Clare

    oh yes. this one is definitely a total favorite. it is a classic from back when mariah didn’t just whisper awkwardly through her songs and didn’t squeeze into those weird sausage dresses… sorry, was that mean? hehe

  3. ooh! i’ve been all christmas songs-dizzy all week! been updating my iTunes with all sorts of christmas songs. and this one is no different – it’s beautiful! 🙂 i’m going christmas shopping again tomorrow! i only managed to get one gift last week, haha. so tomorrow’s gonna be the major bulk.

    hope the week’s been going great for you! xx

  4. happy and blessed christmas, sweetie! x

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