Christmas 2010 Finale…

I’m not in my bestest of mood right now but i promise you, i will be alright. I won’t let certain matters ruin my holiday spirits but  i also realized that i still have many things to learn in life. We always need a positive mind set and know that things are always greener on the other side right?:) Anyhow, I decided it would be best to finish off my Christmas post since 2011 is literally only 1 or 2 days away for us here in Hong Kong!

I have to say, my Christmas was better than expected this year. I spent Christmas Eve at home with my lovely family and my BFF came over to spend the night last min, which by the way, was a fab idea! We had a wicked time chatting all night and felt like we were 10 again, haha. I know for sure, some friendships never ever change:) Unfortunately, i didn’t get to spend my first Christmas Eve with BF because he had to work that night. Yes, BF finally found a job and it’s in the hotel business, so working hours are just wacked! But i must say, it sure is the greatest Christmas gift he has received this year, lol. 

On Christmas day, my family and BF went to Dan Ryans for some American food and everything was delish! I went all Christmas spirit and went for their overpriced Christmas special, which consisted of turkey with yummy cranberry sauce, mash, mushroom soup, and Christmas bread pudding! OMG, the dessert was my fave but i was sooo stuffed that everyone had to dig in to help!

Oh, and i managed to take some x’masey photos at the shopping area, Heritage 1881. They actually have a Tiffany & Co Christmas tree on display this year! If only i could take it home, then that would be a dream come true:) Okay, i’ll let the photos do the rest of the talking for now so enjoy!

My sis got me this precious Swarovski necklace for x'mas!!! love it:)

How did you celebrate Christmas Eve or Christmas Day????? Hope it was real special whatever you all got up to. Now it’s count down for New Years Eve!!! 😀

Big warm hugs and kisses,



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