Welcoming 2011

So there’s exactly 12 hours before we enter the new year 2011. I’ve got no big plans and just going to take it easy this New Year’s Eve. I’m  meeting BF for a late lunch later on and then he got work AGAIN, arghhhh….lol. But i’m really looking forward to my friend’s house party and doing the count down there. I think i’m just done with being squashed in a crowd of people pushing and shoving as if the royal family were present.

I have to get ready now and before i head off, i just want to wish you all a super duper HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! Have fun whatever you will doing and wherever you will be! All the best to the new year and i look forward on continuing my blog with a fresh start!! YAhhhhhhhh!!!!;D

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3 responses to “Welcoming 2011

  1. Tres cool!! I love how your blog is looking (LOVE)!!!
    Happy New Year!

  2. Happy New Year darling!


  3. Q

    It looks like you had some fun on NYE right? That’s awesome.
    I love the pictures.
    Hey, I wrote about my NYE on my blog.

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