Trend Alert: Those catty eyes

Watch out, cat woman is in town!  And this brings for another sequel of  my “Trend Alert” post, which i’ve missed dearly. 

So it looks like we’re all gonna be seeing alot of catty eye actions for the up coming Spring/Summer 2011 fashion trend. If you haven’t already noticed, the fashion world has and still is, rocking the ’50s and ’60’s sunglasses style back to life and it’s some pretty serious business too. The trend has already been spotted on the run way for Prada, Dior, Paul Smith, Giles Deacon, and etc. 

It’s surely not a style for everyone but it sure looks fun, if anything!

Dior, SS11
Rebecca Taylor, SS11
Tommy Hilfiger, SS11
Paul Smith, SS11
Twenty8Twelve, SS11
Alexandre Herchcovitch, SS11
Giles Deacon, SS11
Prada, AW10


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6 responses to “Trend Alert: Those catty eyes

  1. I’m looking for some sunglasses right now (bizarre, but everyone in Manhattan wears them even in the winter) and I was thinking Aviators but I think if I can find a pair like this it will be a great look! The prada glasses are my favourites…

  2. For some reason, I can’t do those cat eye sunglasses!

    I’ve been going through the runway fashion for spring/summer 2011 and I see heaps of earthy/nude colors coming right up! Gotta say I love where fashion is headed for this new year! x

  3. Thanks a lot for your tips and reply! The Tommy Hilfiger one is really gorgeous! x

  4. I love the cat eyes! This trend allert business is good stuff!

  5. Darling Cinz!

    Happy happy 2011! Soemhow my comments don’t show up on your site, so I’ll try again!
    I’m not too sure about this trend though those rounder shaped version look really good!

    Big bisous!

  6. Thanks for the lovely award darling!

    I have actually been hunting for the right cat-eye sunglasses for about a year, and finally bought a tortoise shell pair in Australia the other week. I still don’t think they’re dramatic enough, but they’ll do for now.

    Hope you’re having a wonderful start to the year!

    Miss B xx

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