Photo Sunday – the traveller

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6 responses to “Photo Sunday – the traveller

  1. She is going on a sexy safari! Cool pics Cinz!

  2. Clare

    Oh i LOVE these photos! I esp love those shorts in the last photo! too cute.

    P.s. THANK YOU SO MUCH for the award below AND for your sweet comments! I reposted them on Clarabelle 🙂

  3. Drooling. She is fantastic!!!

    p.s will definitely add you on my blogroll. thanks for doing the same! 🙂


  4. Q

    The suitcases are so perfect.

  5. Their eye make up in these pictures are gorgeous !!!!!!!

  6. I think that the 70’s glam is going to be my most fav 2011 trend. I’m happy to channel Ms. Farrah and work those delicous platforms with the great geo shapes! Bring it 2011!


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