Spring loving with Devon Aoki

The weather has been terribly cold for the past 2 weeks and it’s just pure torture! Not to mention all these fashion talks about the Spring collections as of lately, which i’m just not feeling at all. Can you blame me though? I’ve been in nothing but sweaters, big coats, and boots for the past month!

But i think i may just have found a quick fix – Elle US Feb 2011!!! Yes, my fave model Devon Aoki is back in action where she beautifully embraces the glossy magazine pages with the spring time that i’ve been lusting for.  I love all the vibrant colors that oozes from the photos and it just makes me want Spring to arrive right here right now!!! And don’t you think Devon’s distinctive look is just ohhh soooooooo beautiful? 🙂 Heart it!

Have a happy Friday ya’ all!!!

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One response to “Spring loving with Devon Aoki

  1. I love the florals here… Especially the dramatic red and black dress… stunning


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