Never forget where you came from….

You know how the story goes. You were mommy’s little princess and she had all the hopes in you, where you would blossom into a fine young lady with talent, success, beauty, lovely marriage, and all of that. Gosh, the pressure! Then they tell us to never forget who we are and of course, never to forget where you come from. 

In the crazy celebrity world, this could just be the perfect words of wisdom to give the celeb ladies out there and boy, will they never forget where they came from, in the fashion sense that is!  They have come a long way since their fashion crime era but hey, at least their wardrobe malfunction will be a daily reminder of their fashion roots, lol.

Now who better to demonstate this fashion evolution but  the mighty and fiesty Kelly Osbourne?! 😀 I’m pretty sure she’ll never forget where she came from too:) But i gotta hand it to her, she’s gone through such a roller coaster ride transition with her public appearances, which was also a great entertainment for us to scream “What was she thinking!?”. I was watching the Fashion Police the other day where  Kelly was one of the judges, and i was actually able to sit down and watch her, unlike the times she was in the reality show, The Osbournes”. She just looked fashionable stunning on Fashion Police, and talked quite frankly, abit posh! LoL

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3 responses to “Never forget where you came from….

  1. Wow! I remember when she was just a potty mouthed little goth…and now look at her!

  2. I love the title and message to this post. How she’s changed.


  3. I actually thought everyone did fairly well this year, and that everyone deserved to be on the best dressed list, because they all were! 🙂

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