Golden Globes 2011: The Top 3 Best Dressed

Seriously, i couldn’t have been more disappointed with the Golden Globes this year. There was just something wrong with a lot of the dresses that the beautifully ladies paraded on the red carpet. There was an explosion of surpising colors starting with Julianne Moore’s shocking pink Lanvin dress that looked like a wrapped present. Of course, we will never forget Halle Berry who arrived in Nina Ricci wearing something that came in between a night gown and mini dress. If you ask me, it looked like someone was in a real rush and left their mansion half dressed, lol. Michelle Williams was a real shocker too, where she arrived in what looked like a maternity dress, which did nothing for her body shape and only added more weight onto her.

You can just imagine the difficulty i had to endure for selecting the best dressed women!!! I’m being dead honest but  i was only completely in love with 3 of the Golden Globes dresses. The winners go to Lea Michelle and Dianna Agron from the Glee cast, and the always sexy Angelina Jolie. Everything about these three gorgeous women spells elegance, glamour, and style.

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5 responses to “Golden Globes 2011: The Top 3 Best Dressed

  1. Yes agree a strange show! Michelle W.’s dress was horrible! Lovely picks Cinz!

  2. Clare

    LOVE your picks. I also liked Olivia Wilde 🙂

  3. I gotta go with both the Glee casts’ costumes! Angelina Jolie’s outfit didn’t really wow me though. 🙂 I think I’ve got my eyes all caught up with light pink and earthy tones.

    Have a lovely weekend, hun! x

  4. I really like Eva Longoria’s gown but it was just too long for her. Good choices here!

    • CinZilicious

      Funny enough, i thought the same! I’ve always liked Eva’s choices and i did this time too but i realized quickly something wasn’t right. Her dress was just too long!

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