Elle UK Feb 2011 – Chanel Iman

I don’t think anyone will ever disagree that Chanel Iman is one of the greatest and prettiest models out there, at least in this very moment in time, right? She’s just got that whole charisma thing going on!

And if you haven’t already, you should defo pick up the Feb issue of ELLE UK, which features Chanel Iman in a series of glamourous photo shots, as taken by David Vasiljevic. She looks absolutely stunning in the photos, and flaunts her beauty without a flaw with luxurious designer labels such as Prada, YSL, and Chloe. Chanel simply makes it all work in these fun, bright colored, and defined structured outfits! Everything just looks glassy, stylish, playful, and casual, all at the same time!

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4 responses to “Elle UK Feb 2011 – Chanel Iman

  1. I love how fresh and vibrant the colour are! Come on summer…

  2. she is really pretty. I LOVE that bright pink for spring with crisp white! So great!

  3. Clare

    Chanel is my total favorite. She can literally sell anything she wears!


    wow what a gorgeous girl… is she the victoria secret model. ( chanel )

    her legs are just a mile long!!

    loved stopping back here. great blog as always!!


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