Fashion takes on Asia!

The Chinese New Year is arriving in exactly 2 days and that means Feb 3nd will mark as the first day of 2011, by Chinese definition,lol. Oh, and it’s the year of the Rabbit if you guys were wondering. Anyhow, so i’ll be getting off work at 1pm tomorrow and then i get 4 days off straight up!!! Yeahhhhhhh!!!! What a great way to celebrate eh!?!?! No work – i love it!

Like every year, i’ll be going back to my parent’s village in China where we basically meet families, eat traditional family dinners, go visit families/friends and have a good laugh and of course, i get to receive my red pockets. For those of you that don’t know about this Chinese tradition, the elderly or married couples hand out red pockets with money in it to people that are single, which is for good luck and prosperity. The Chinese New  Year is like the main event of the year for the Chinese people, and everyone enjoys the Chinese style fireworks, getting jammed into the New Year flower markets, where they sell loads of lovely flowers, random gadgets, and it’s  just a wild festive spirit! But i do get overwhelmed by it all after a while and i’ll just die to go home to chill in my own space, lol. Oh and the worst is, we have to clean our house up side down on a particular day to symbolize renewal (new year, new year, u get it?lol)  and i absolutely dread that day! lol 

As i’ll have no internet access during my stay in China, i’m afraid i’ll be away from my blogging for a few days but i’ll be back before you know it, i promise;) As a pre – celebration for this big day, i’ve decided to post some fabulously and fashionably Asian  infused photos of these gorgeous Chinese models and actresses.  Hope you guys like it!


Wishing you all the health, wealth, and happiness in the rabbit year:) 

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6 responses to “Fashion takes on Asia!

  1. You should do another post about your time at home…! Gorgeous images, I especially love the dress where she is lying on the red couch. Amazing colours too. I really might have to give up some of my usual black this Spring Summer!

  2. Hey Cinz! Happy Chinese New Year to you!! These photos are gorgeous! I love reading my Chinese horoscopes; it’s one of my favorite things to do and OMG, all the Chinese food, I love them! Have a wonderful trip! xooxoxxoo

  3. Hi Cinz…Happy New Year!!! Beautiful photos! I always call my daughter the monkey because that was the year she was born…and oh, boy are the horoscopes accurate!

  4. Clare

    Happy Chinese New Year!!!! I love these photos. I wish more Asian models were put in the forefront. There is so much beauty in this post.

  5. AMazing!!! Love the last photo the most.


  6. These are such wonderful photos!

    Oh, aren’t you so excited for Chinese New Year? Where you headed to for tonight’s reunion dinner? 🙂 I’ve been busy setting up the house for the dinner tonight. Lanterns, fishes, butterflies, and all the food!

    May this Chinese New Year be a wonderful one for you, sweetie! 🙂 Much love! xx

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