Welcoming the Chinese New Year

Yes, i’m finally back home and back to my blogging again!!! I gotta say, it’s good to be back to a more civilized world, lol.  To be honest, i’ve missed my blogging and fellow bloggers too!!! These past 3 days have been a well spent Chinese new year with my families where i was surrounded by Chinese fireworks 24/7 and it would scare the crap outta me. There was constantly this sudden loud bang that erupted in the village with no warning, and they lasted for a good old minute or so. But it was a great joy to see everyone with  high spirits and selling food/fruits in the village with such happiness.

The after math of the Chinese fireworks
The fruit markets in the village

The family visitations, family dinners, delish traditional Chinese food, fire works, festive flowers, and just all the prep work leading up to the big Chinese Lunar New Year’s Day, is truly a fascinating moment. It’s a lot of work but definitely worth all the effort. Trust me, there’s like a gazillion things to do! This year i took part in cleaning the house, changing  bed sheets, helping my mom put money in the red pockets/envelops (aka lai sees) for good luck to people, arranging the lovely flowers, and piling up on the nuts and sweet treats for visitors when they come over to send their new year greetings.

It’s also a custom to buy these mini posters look alike with Chinese blessing words on it, and hang them in your house throughout the year. Normally i never have to take care of this but i found these really super cute Forever Friends Chinese blessing words the other week, and bought them righ away, as shown below.  I think they are just soooo adorable and brings that bit of a modern feel to our tradition,hehe. 

This is only the beginning of how many red pockets i’ve received, hehe
Sweet treats and savory nuts for visitors
Festive flowers for Chinese New Year
Lovely pink flowers
Daffodils symbolizing rebirth or new beginnings
Kumquats (tangerines) tree symbolizing prosperity
Blessing words that are put up at home throughout the year

I hope all these photos of how i spent my Chinese New Year will enable you to get a better feeling of how it really is!!! Once again, Happy Chinese New Year and  may this year be a great one for you all!!!

All photos accredited to me



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10 responses to “Welcoming the Chinese New Year

  1. Wonderful post Cinz!!! Holidays are fun but after a while we crave normal don’t we? Your flowes inspired me, i’m going to buy some today!
    (would you consider sharing your family’s hot & sour soup with me for my blog?)

    • CinZilicious

      What kinda hot & sour soup are you talking about? lol…sorry,my family (or more like myself) isn’t traditionally Chinese to that extent,haha. Gosh, that sounds bad eh? Maybe give me a name for that type of hot & sour soup and i can ask my family? =) I guess i’m more of a western food lover eh, lol.

      Yes, i definitely crave normality but right now i wouldnt mind having a few more days off work;) And glad my flowers inspired you!!!

  2. Thank you for sharing your New Year with us – I’ve always been intrigued by the celebrations. The fruit, flowers and yummy sweets look delicious!


  3. Hey Cinz,
    You’ve got my email address from this message (me thinks?) send me an email. Would you be willing to share a family fav recipe for The Family Table? I’d love it if you would!

    • CinZilicious

      Yes, i would love to! But i gotta ask my mom and see if we got any family recipe first, and gotta translate it too, from Chinese to English,lol. But ‘ll email it to you when i get it done:)

  4. Yay! You’re back to blogging. Looks like you had a great New Year…I didn’t really do anything. Our family’s a bit poor right now because we’re saving up for university, and we didn’t really have time to do anything special. But thank you for wishing me a Happy Chinese New Year, and I hope you have a healthy, wealthy Year of the Rabbit!

  5. Hi Cinz! Happy Chinese New Year to you too! I love Chinese foods this time of year and everyone is in good mood! No, I’m not Chinese but I was often asked a lot 🙂 Have a great weekend! xoxoxoo

  6. Glad you had a great Chinese New Year! It sounds like so much fun. I used to live in Hong Kong, so I really miss all the festivities and traditions.

  7. Happy Chinese New Year, sweetie! 🙂

    Wow, CNY in China must’ve been epic! And fireworks 24/7? Beautiful innit! I only caught a glimpse of a few, and just one firecracker! Haha. But many sparklers and pop pops! Gotta love those tiny funsies. I think my mom used to have the exact food container as you do with all those treats! Hehe. 😉

    The first two days of CNY were really hectic, but right now, it’s just back to normal. Waiting for Chap Goh Mei now. 🙂

    Looks like you had a wonderful CNY yourself, my dear. But here’s to an amazing rabbit year ahead for you, filled with much adventure and love.

    p/s: I was just snacking on peanut cookies a few minutes ago, haha!

  8. Love the pictures!! Would love to visit China some day.

    ~ K

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