My Chanel Valentine

Chanel’s latest  Rouge Coco Shine lipstick collection is surely showing signs of some Valentines infused sweet romance!  Their pretty in pink shade named “Boy” is every soo pretty and just perfect for the upcoming “love” day so be quick to snatch one and impress your boy! And if you’re single, you sure as heck should get it and  impress yourself with your well deserved lovely smile! 

And here’s a little sweet fact for you. The lipstick is named after Arthur Capel (aka Boy), Coco Chanel’s lover. Ah……the romance in it all! 

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6 responses to “My Chanel Valentine

  1. So pretty and spring like!
    (your blog is beautiful btw)

  2. This pink is sooooo calling my name!!!


  3. Clare

    Chanel lipstick is AMAZING and these shades are brilliant

  4. I was going all out for red this spring, but you might just have persuaded me to return to pink 😉

  5. Awww. What a sweet story to the lipstick. I might just get it because of the story behind it, haha!

    Happy Valentine’s Day, sweetie! 🙂

    I hope you have a wonderful one! Much love. xx

  6. I love Chanel lipstick: I always ‘borrow’ my mums. All those colours look so pretty.

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