Girls just wanna have fun!

Wow, it’s been quite a while since i’ve updated and i am so sorry about that! I guess that means i have a life? lol. But i honestly did have a super busy schedule that was filled up with lovely dates for the past 2 weeks, it was just crazy!

However, I did have a fab shopping spree with my friend last week and got some great products! I was introduced to this USDA organic brand at the cosmetic counter named Juice Beauty and so i went to try on their stuff. I guess the word organic got my attention,lol.  I’ve been looking for a lip balm again and so i tried their lip moisturizer which is really nice! It smells citrusey and orangey and most importantly, makes my lips moist and gives a shiny glow, just like lipgloss! An 2 in 1 function product, it was a bargain for sure!!! I also bought their Organic Facial Rejuvenating Mask, Antioxidant Serum, and Stem Celluar Repair Moisturizer. I would highly recommend the serum. It smells citrusey and my face feels all rejuvenated after using it for just a week. Plus, it leaves my face feeling sooo fresh and this happens every time when i apply it (day or night!)!!! 

I was told the face moisturizer (Stem Celluar Repair Moisturizer) is for a 4 weeks facial program to help improve cellular production and after that, you can just use your normal face cream . It smells really citrusey as well and like the serum, it makes my face feel all freshen up!!! I have yet to try their face mask but i will defo update you all on this product too. Please feel free to let me know if you have had any good or bad experiences with this brand because i would love to know!

I got a bit carried away with shopping and before you know it, i was standing at the YSL cosmetic counter the next day, and i had just got off work too! Shopping addiction alert!!! Anyway, i bought 2 mascaras, one for lengthening and the other for volumizing. I have to say, my lashes defo stands and stays up like magic!!! There is just one problem and that is the wand for the volumizing mascara already started getting really clumpy after using it for the first time. I’m not sure if that is how YSL mascaras works but it was just odd for me. But I wouldn’t mind getting their lengthening mascara again!!!

My friend bought like 5 products and so we both got some lovely freebies! I don’t know about in other countries but you tend to get a lot of freebies when you shop in Hong Kong. One of their freeebies is the Baby Doll perfume and i absolutely adore it! The smell is light and feminine and the bottle is in a lovely diamond shape.

I’ve also desperately been looking for a nice lipgloss to replace my old but lovely Becca (Champagne) lipgloss.I ended up getting Dior Pink Veil (#654) from their Spring 2011 collection, and it’s just what i was looking for! The lipgloss looks really pink but it carries a relatively natural color  with a tint of pink, which is just perfect for the summer! I say go get it and get some glossy lips ladies:)


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  1. Ooooh fun day of shopping! I love freebies. I have never tried YSL makeup

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