Photo Sunday – Lost in thoughts

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11 responses to “Photo Sunday – Lost in thoughts

  1. Love that picture. She looks so pretty.

  2. Longest neck ever! Pretty though.

  3. Clare

    Flawless! Look at that neck. Wowie wow!

  4. Ah, the ever successful “model-deep-in-thought” look. And what a nice elongated neck!

    Btw, I sure will read Eat Pray Love! I don’t buy books, so I have to wait for it to be available in the libraries. 😛 And no, I don’t have Cotton On…what kind of store is it?

  5. What a gorgeous girl! I wish I could pull off that haircut! xoxoxoo

  6. everydayglamour

    I love all your photos! This one is beautiful as well…do we know who she is?

  7. This picture makes me happy about my decision to keep my hair short. Gorgeous photo.

  8. Flawless and effortless!! What’s not to love about this photo.


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