Not a pretty face…

I am in such a bad mood right now. No, that is just me being too nice and deceiving myself.  In fact, this entire week has been horrible!  I just wanna dig a hole and hide and forget about everything. If only i could be numbed by all my feelings right this moment.

Anyway, don’t mind me, i just had an extremely bad night and decided my blog would be a good place to vent out. I’m gonna keep it short tonight but will be back soon. These photos perfectly describe all my emotions as of now. Just a mix bag of anger, confusion, frustration, and feeling lost!!!


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7 responses to “Not a pretty face…

  1. Courage cherie Courage!

    You’re a darling don’t forget that!


  2. Wow some very mean and moody pics and a lot of frowning. I would suggest a large glass of wine and lots of blogging style recovery. Chin up!

  3. Hey Cinz, are you okay? I know how you feel, last weekend, I was in a very, very bad mood as well, got into a frustrating fight with my mom and had an exhausting day buying groceries with the most annoying cab driver in the world and I was pretty upset. But you know, the best stress relief is just cool off for a bit and take a walk somewhere by yourself and then you’ll find that things are not as bad as they seem. Take care!! xoxoxoxo

  4. Oh no!! I hope everything is ok now. I’m sorry you’re having a bad day!! Just know that things happen for a reason and you will get through whatever is on your mind. I, too vent through my blog when things get tough.


  5. hi! i’m new to your blog, but i love it. feel better! i wish i looked that good when i am mad/upset…

    love, emily

  6. Clare

    Fell better Lovely!! Remember, haters gonna hate!!!


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