Paint me in fashion

I can’t agree more with the saying “Fashion is art”. Both fashion and art requires creativity, talent, and an eye to details.  The latest art that i’ve noticed in the form of fashion, are the talented fashion illustrators out there that always manage to take my breath away.

Caroline Andrieu is a Slovakian fashion illustrator that i found by accident and definitely someone worth noticing. The colors and movements in her illustrations are just beautiful! I especially like how she create illustrations of head shots. The head shots of the lovely ladies shown below, are drawn in such great details and look extremely exquisite and feminine. Fashion is art for sure eh? 😉

Caroline is currently based in Paris and is the art director of  the Condé Nast digital’s for its Vogue & GQ websites. You can find out more about her on her website here.

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5 responses to “Paint me in fashion

  1. these pictures are amazing

  2. i used to spend hours just looking at fashion illustrations and wishing i can draw like those illustrators whose works i love so much! this is definitely one of my faves!

  3. Clare

    these are completely INCREDIBLE! Love that sketch of Lindsay Wixon!

  4. Holy Moly! Very talented Cinz!

  5. Wow these are amazing sketches. I love the way they seem to move, especially the hair in the drawings… thanks for sharing…

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