It’s been 2 years…

Yes, so it has. Today marks the secound year since i started my blog. Gosh, time flies. I first started blogging  as a way to express the joys in my life, such as food, fashion, music, and any funs things that i live for. Looking back, i’ve come a long way and i definitely didn’t expected anything like how it is today. Without a doubt, fashion has taken a special place in my heart and I simply love all things about it. It’s been a true pleasure sharing my fashion finds and the little things in life that captivates me, and i hope you guys enjoyed it too!

This past year was especially fun as i met many fab bloggers along the way, and i look forward to another year of it all! I hope all you fellow bloggers will contiue coming back because your lovely comments make me smile and wanna keep going!=D



Photo source: Fashion Gone Rogue and Tumblr



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12 responses to “It’s been 2 years…

  1. Awe yay congrats on the two years sweetie!! These images are so dreamy, so effortless and so inspiring.


  2. Hi Cinz! Happy Anniversary! Two years of blogging is pretty epic and I love the pictures you chose to celebrate! My favorite is the one where the girl is holding a disco ball and Natalie Portman’s picture…I want to have her eyelashes! Hope you have a stylish day filled with cupcakes :-)! And don’t forget to get some sleep too! xoxoxoxoo

    • CinZilicious

      Yes, its been 2 years but the funny thing is, durin my first year, i only blogged for a month and i stopped for an entire year! lol….Don’t know what happened but as you can see, i’m much more committed to my blog now!!!=)

  3. Clare

    Happy blogaversary!!!!!! I LOVE this blog!!!

  4. Wow, 2 years! Congrats, and keep blogging! Love the compilation of gorgeous and yummy photos!

  5. yay!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i’d do a dance with pom-poms for this milestone for you if i’m cheerleading material! lol.. these pictures are fantastic. love the one with natalie portman and those choc candies sticks!

  6. Happy Blogiversary!
    I just discovered your blog today and I’m glad I did!
    Hope you have stellar day!
    xx tash

  7. everydayglamour

    Happy Bloggy Birthday!! You have awesome pictures.

  8. Two years? Happy anniversary to you, one of my favourite bloggers 😉 (I love this image of Kate in the green dress – gorgeous!)

  9. Happy Blogiversary. I’m really glad I came across your blog. Love all these pictures. They’re all so beautiful and inspirational.

  10. Congratulations. I just found you. Such a great blog. So pretty.

  11. being relatively new at wordpress, i just can’t imagine seen the day our blog turns two. your blog is amazing, happy anniversary!


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