Little hidden treasures…

For the past year, i’ve been searching for an antique necklace watch and for some reason, it was nowhere to be found. Months went by and i kinda started to forget about it, and that was until 2 weeks ago.

I went to Shenzhen, China, with 2 of my friends to do some cheap shopping and i didn’t have much intention to shop hardcore, most likely due to the poor quality of products that has been putting me off in recent years. Who knows, maybe my taste and standard has changed. So there we were shopping in a mad packed shopping mall and my feet were soooo sore from walking for 3 – 4 hours and that’s when i saw it.  There were piles of necklace watches hanging right infront of my eyes and they were well cheap! Okay, so i know it probably wasn’t antique material but the look did it for me. I bargained my way through and finally managed to seal a deal! I got it for RMB20 (US$3.00)!!!! Not too shabby,eh?

Let’s just see how long it can last me,lol. But i honestly am in love with all the fine details of this necklace watch. The front view has such fine details in the design and the flowery patterns at the back is just lovely. I guess it can be an one off accessory trend for me to play around with.

I also managed to find myself another unexpected treasure when i went to my facial appointment this afternoon. I remember waking up from my facial and the facial person applied this facial cream on me that smelled so nice. She told me that it’s their skin care brand Nature’s renewal face cream with Chianti Wine and Grape Polyphenols. I wasn’t exactly sure what that was but the words wine, grape and renewal sounded good to me and so i bought it! I’m not sure if you guys have heard of Nature’s but it’s actually from Italy and i’ve used their toner in the past with positive feedback. Now we just gotta see if this facial cream will work its magic on me!

(All photos accredited to me)



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3 responses to “Little hidden treasures…

  1. thanks for your comment! your photos and blog is great!!
    def coming back!



  2. Hi Cinz! Sounds like such a relaxing weekend and the facial is definitely something I need too! The cream looks so luxurious! Tell me if it works! And that necklace is really cool, reminds me of my exboyfriend who used to carry around his pocket watch (yep, he’s pretty eccentric). xxoxoxoo

  3. That is a very cool necklace! Isn’t it great to find just what you’re looking for?

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