A peek into Stam’s world…

Have you every wondered how the home of a model would look like? I certainly did and that’s when i came across these warm and beautiful photos of this cosy home that belongs to the pretty model Jessica Stam.

I love the personal touches of  giving a modern looking apartment a bit of a twist by adding vintage furnishings to complete the look. It defintely adds more personality to it! The brightness and high ceilings of this home is another alluring factor for me, and it creates this spaciousness that is ever as needed in my home (seriously).

I especially take into heart on how she brings culture into her home as well. If you haven’t already heard, the previous owner before Stam, had left these crafty hand carved Morroccan sliding doors that leads into her bedroom. Of course, that white polished side table in the living room against the backdrop of a mirrored wall is extra stylish! It’s simply the perfect place to make sure you look all good before heading out to show your lovely face! Ohhh how i wish i could be Stam for just one day….;)

P.s. On a personal note, i want to send my prayers out to people in Japan for the disastrous earthquake/tsunami that occurred today. God bless you all. 

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