Foodie Fashion

As a young kid growing up in a household where everyone had a love for food, i remember mom always telling me to eat up all my veggies and meat and never ever play with food. I’m sure we’ve all been told this foodtale at one point in our lives, or so i hope! 

But with the recent Barneys Holiday catalogue, i got a slight feeling that they are begging to differ or maybe just up to a bit of fun in the name of fashion? lol. Either way, it sure looks like one heck of a lovely foodie holiday and i’m loving those super sized kitchenwares!!!

Have a Fab Foodie weekend peeps!!!

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2 responses to “Foodie Fashion

  1. Con

    Sweetie, what brand is that green bag from? I like!!!

  2. Con

    Oh, I just found out in one of my fashion newsletters!!! It’s proenza schouler! I heart that bag in the bigger size!!!

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