Apricot Cream Loving!!!

Over the weekend I bought this really gorgeous nail polish from this Japanese cosmetic brand named Majolica Majorca.  The name of this nail polish is Apricot Cream and the name and color is enough to brigthen up my mood immediately!!! It’s such a happy color and reminds me of summer. I’m loving my Apricot Cream nails!!!

So what do you guys think about this color? Yes, no, or maybe so?

I was just surfing the web about my nail polish and found out that it’s from Majolica Majorca’s “Blooming Dreamer” 2010 Summer Collection!!! Hm, i guess it’s a bit outdated but never mind, i still appreciate it just as much:)

They also come in these lovely summery colors!!!

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4 responses to “Apricot Cream Loving!!!

  1. I love those colors! I am definitely going to have to purchase some of those 🙂

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  2. It’s such a pretty color! And I love the brand’s name! It sounds so cute! Yeah, I think if I tie up my hair, I look older and severe so I never do. xoxoxoo

  3. I am loving the color…its bright and perfect for summer…


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