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The weather is still pretty chilly lately and i’m really really missing the sun now!!!!!!!!! Honestly, I’m just sooo tired of wearing nothing but sweaters, cardigans, coats, scarf, and boots for the past few months. I always feel that i look less done up when i’m in my winter gear, lol. Do you ever get that feeling? It’s like you’re wearing layers and layers of clothes and you just end up looking chunky.

Yep, I think I really am in need of some serious style inspiration so i don’t feel as blah, and of course, that means time to shop, hehehe. I found these lovely style inspiring photos and hopefully they’ll inspire me when i go shop for my spring/summer outfits:) 

Have a fabulous Friday!!!

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3 responses to “Style Inspiration

  1. I’m with you!!! Now your talking…
    Wow Drew looks awesome there (is that Drew?).

  2. great finds! I have been thinking of dressing up my nails a little. polka dots look promising! haha..

  3. Get me some of those delicate ruffles and a black bow right now! And an audrey jumpsuit whilst you’re at it. I find this time of year quite hard clothes wise actually, everywhere you see pictures of summer but it’s just not warming up yet in NYC and I’m still layered up most of the time. We need patience. Then we can rock the new outfits and yellow nail varnish (see photos above).

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